Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cute Scan

Hey everyone! I saw this super cute scan today and wanted to share it!
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Click for full size. Credit unknown.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sakura Matsuri

I had the unexpected joy of attending both the philly & NYC Sakura Matsuri festivals. I got to do this last year too, but I still get horrible flashbacks of being stuffed into a tiny bathroom stall, akin to an oven given the 90 degree weather that year, trying to dress myself in elaborate furisode without accidentally dipping my obi in the toilet. This year was oven-bathroom free, thankfully. I opted to wear the lighter, hassle-free men's kimono to Philadelphia's fest, and simple sweet lolita to Brooklyn's celebration. At both festivals, people were having a good time, despite the rising temperatures. The mood was very relaxed, as everyone lay on their picnic blankets for an afternoon nap, or enjoyed canned tea & bento from vendors. I admit, I got rather caught up in the spirit of relaxation and admired most outfits from afar rather than pestering their wearers for a photo. Instead, I sat on a blanket in the shade under the scant remaining blossoms, a slight cool breeze blowing over the park, and just enjoyed the moment while taiko sounded in the distance.

Philadelphia's Sakura Sunday, April 11th 2010